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Sons pushed parents in fire by suspicion of black magic

Posted: October 5th, 2005, 6:44 pm
by Surya Kala Chennamaneni
In village Motkupalli in Rangareddy district sons pushed their own parents into fire by alleging that they are doing black magic(chetabadi). 11 years ago Mudunettula Sankaraiah lost his first wife and married woman named Yadamma. His first wife's sons are Ramesh and Ravi. They are not having some dispute with their father and step mother. Ramesh's wife Vanaja suffered with fever. Vanaja's relatives got doubt that Vanaja's in-laws are doing black magic. They informed to Ramesh and Ravi. Ramesh, Ravi and relatives of Vanaja and set a fire and pushed Sankaraiah and Yadamma into fire. Sankaraiah and Yadamma tried to run away but Ramesh, Ravi and relatives of Vanaja caught and tortured them. Some villagers tried to stop them but they said that that is their family issue and threatened those villagers. Some people informed to police and police came and admitted victims in hospital. Vanaja and her relatives also got hysteria(poonakam).

It is disgraceful that nowadays also barbaric activities are continuing by name of superstitions like black magic.