vijayawada must become the state capital

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Postby RealityRider » April 16th, 2008, 6:41 am

looks like deep inside you are rooting for a separate state comprising just visakhapatnam,vijayanagaram and sreekakulam. If people think like you there will be no end to demands of separate states. Everyone thinks they are robbed by others hence it is justified to make their region a separate state.

No one is blind one should go with reality rather than with their myths....if you say about backwardness then srikakulam is the most backward region in the state and if you go with infrastructure,growth and future prospect then it's Vizag after hyd.If you see in both cases then capital should be around those regions and if it's not then it's a clear case of political hijack hence comes this separate state demands even Rayalaseema wants to depart from Coastal Andhra why??????????????

In india you are free to migrate to any state or region for any reason be it business, agriculture or even politics. How is it considered cheating or robbing if someone from a different region came to yours and invested his hard earned money and contributed to the development of your region.

It's not about business that anyone is saying but about political migration even we are not saying it's wrong but just saying this people are ignoring our issues elected from our own region.Does it not hurt you when you are given power and you are not doing anything to them??If this seems unreal for you then you can read my post about Injustice done to vizag and UA

People from coastal areas in AP have invested crores and contributed a lot in the development of different regions in Telangana, uttarandhra etc be it in business, agriculture, industry or education. In fact by demanding a separate state or capital people like you want to rob coastal people by trying to kick them out of your regions be it telangana or uttarandhra.

Who is robbing Coastal AP ??? do you know that short lived shatabdi express was introduced from rajahmundry to hyderabad with political pressure without any sort of demand like vizag has.Have you ever travelled from vizag and have you ever tried to get a ticket on Godavari from vizag to hyd if you havent then do so you will know the demand of trains from here but yet we get nothing nor our non-local politicians do anything .In this case dont we have right to say it ???

Coming to the new capital, vizag might be connected by air and rail but still its not accessible by many people from other regions of the state who can not afford flights or long travel times in trains. Capital should be accessible to common man. Moreover the politicians should be made to serve in their own consituency rather than beeing allowed to stay in capital all the time and starting illegal activities with local industries, businesses, real estate etc.. for their personal benefits.

This is the heights of desperation to justify something which is will long will you travel to vizag and if what you are saying is right then my friend it's the same distance from vizag to vijaywada and vice versa and we have the most backward region and common man that you are saying brother

Having capital in a smaller/backward city would atleast make all these suckers to spend more time and effort to develop their own regions. They are elected by people for that purpose.

Ok i agree with you if you want to make backward region which is equidistant to all parts of Coastal AP but if it's comes between Vizag and VJA then there is no backwardness as you are mentioning then Vizag deserves to be capital and if it's not done then it's a clear case of political hijack and even a kid knows it in all AP.

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Postby indian.hari » December 27th, 2010, 5:12 pm

hey imagine after telengana seperation no more funds of government will travel to hyderabad............. and vijayawada and vizag will be two globally standardised cities like hyd...... vizag's development might also be found useful for development of vizayanagaram........ and vijayawada's development is useful for guntur,machilipatnam... so we guys should be united instead to fight(vij and viz). wat ever the capital may be the development of vijayawada and vizag should'nt stop[/i]

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Postby ved » December 28th, 2010, 2:07 am

Besides they are only 350km apart. I saw rumors of Satabdi express between Chandigarh and Gurgaon as a commuting train covering a distance of 268km in 2.5 hours. A similar Satabdi express between Vizag and Vijayawada with stops at Eluru, Rajahmundry and Samalkot can cover the distance in less than 3.5 hours.

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Postby indian.hari » January 2nd, 2011, 9:30 pm

if we people fight like this.. then there comes many seperate state demands
and then every street will be a state............ and for my state(my street) my house will be the capital..................stop fighting among ourselves. demand politicians.. get details of ur city development atleast once in a week. and if u have any complaints mail it to ur city comissioner.. (seriously) he will read it... and if possible he might find a solution

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