Develpment in Gannavaram Airport

Telugu Bidda
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Develpment in Gannavaram Airport

Postby spelbound » February 18th, 2007, 6:31 pm

it is a great news to vijayawada airport that govt is taking necessary steps for airport development...
and after the completion of this upgrading there is a proposal to start a direct flight to singapore from vijayawada because 48% travling from chenai and hyderabad airport is from this costal region..

Telugu Veera
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Postby ved » February 19th, 2007, 1:53 pm

That would be great. With the huge number of people from coastal area in US and other countries, this flight would be an instant success. Now with similar flights started from Singapore to Vizag , hopefully there is a daily flight from Singapore to either destination.

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Boeing's Dreamliner?

Postby prasadbbabu » February 19th, 2007, 3:04 pm

Is there any plan for operation of Boeing Dreamliner from India?
Perhaps Hyderabad Airport may have such facilities to handle nonstop intercontinental planes, but is there any plan to operate yet, from any city of India, if not Hyderabad?

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Postby statesman » February 19th, 2007, 6:20 pm

there is a direct flight from hyderbad to los angles with single stop at singpore operated by singpore airlines, this flight stops at singpore for almost 7-8 hours and passengers have merry to visit singpore during that time in bus provided by SIA is it the same you people are debating on boeng dream liner or different?

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