Warangal can become the capital of telangana...

does warangal have the calibre to become a capital city?

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Re: Warangal can become the capital of telangana...

Postby rajkumar1244 » August 7th, 2008, 6:20 pm

Whatever u andhra guys speak we telengana people damn care about it but by hook or cook we r going to get telangana
Moreover WARANGAL is gonna be our capital city
but dude dont dare to use such prone language here mind u be careful if we start so its going to be very cruel so no prone language who's ever it may be
mind u once again
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Re: Warangal can become the capital of telangana...

Postby ravi_jrf » June 26th, 2010, 12:38 am

suresh_pv wrote:
Phoenix wrote:if hyderabad is a flash point between andhra n telangana then the the next city to b addressed is warangal ... i believe this city is like a vizag to andhra... it has the calibre to become a capital city ... it has an excellent cultural heritage and naturally good location.... any views?

Basically iam from warangal, but been residing in rajahmundry from past 5 yrs. Warangal is a big city compared to RJY. ( warangal population is around 9(including kazipet and hanamkonda) lakhs where rjy is around 7 lakhs.
But rjy has got some cosmo culture which I didn't find in warangal. for eg., if any company's wants to open branch their pref would be hydm, vizag, vijayawada and then rajahmundry ( not even guntur). for eg., so many mutual fund companies, beauty parlours( anoos, angels)

Rjy doesn't have much education.( only one eng. one medical). Theere infrasturcutre is amazing. lot of resorts ( 5 star) on river side). Well establised airport is there( flights from hyd and chennai), where as warangal -no airport atall)

They have india's third biggest gold course also.

There are lot of evening spots ( like tankbund in hyd) and so many good parks)

Even I visited kakinada recently it is also a good place.
what is the reason behind warangal lacking all these? due to poverty in telengana region? or naxalism?warangal is one of the best edn center india? still backward when compare to other cities in coastal andhra.

Oh my dear frnd, u are little bit frank, but good that u agreed warangal is backward than RJY and KKD.

RJY doesn't have more educational institutions, but to fill that gap KKD has good number of educational institutions and universities.
W.r.t population I don't think warangal is grter, plz go and see in any of the recent information portals or Enwikipedia. That should tell you.
May be areawise warangal is bigger (combining warangal+hanumakonda+kazipet) lacking proper infrastructure and water.

A city is considered BIG according to population and its development, not by area.
And one more clarification, GUNTUR is little bit backward compared to RJY. GUNTUR area lacks infrastructure and hospitality.
So the reason they prefer RJY and KKD over GUNTUR.
I guess Karimnagar is also well developed city in telangana region.

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Re: Warangal can become the capital of telangana...

Postby girish » October 13th, 2010, 9:43 am

dingting wrote:Sri_ wrote ::

why you would thing hyderabad will be the flash point between andhra & telangana....in now way we are giving hyderabad to any one or making it has a UT, if you thinkg so we can flush out all andhrites from hyderabad.
Hyderabad will be the capital of Telangana...and andhra people should agree for it, if not they will have two deserts one krishna desert and another godavari desert hope Phoniex will understand it...no water will flow from telangana to andhra.
Can any one give one good reason why hyd should not be made hyd the capital of Telangna.
70% of the people in hyderabad are telanganites
hyderbad gets it water from medak and rangareddy Dist of Telangna & power
Hyderabd is build by the sweat and blood of telangana people.
It is 5th biggest city before independence and till 2005 still it is 5 position only.
Andhra people has robber telangana job's,wealth,...and now they are eyeing on the out great city.

One more suggestion why don't andhra people keep there capital has cilakaluripeta and pedhapuram. since they are the cultral cities of andhra

I really don't know who r u .But saying the above things u r degarding ur self and all T guys. How do u know pedhapuram ? Hope ur birth place is not that or u have been the regular customer of that place. Behave ur self.

Hyderabad has a history of 400 yrs.Its not only telanagana people who built it .People from Maharastra and Karnataka also formed that.Are u ready to give their share too..

We don't know where our forefathers stayed ? there was no Telangana or andhra 400 yrs back ? Then how can u say it was built by ur seat? Do u have guts to flush out andhrites from Telangana ?

Do u know what constitution of India says "People in India(who are indians) have a right to stay anywhere in India wherever they want" .

So don't talk nonsense.

Krishna nee Godavari nee desert chestey anta magadiva ra nuvvu,Mee aya tavada mee amma tavinda godavari. KCR saley gadila matladaku.Vadu tingara La%%%koduku .Vadiki neeku koncham tedda chupinchu.Kalu peti ,[email protected]#@# petti godavari nee yevaru appa leru.Meeru dani appdaniki try chestey meerey nasta potaru.Repu maharastra vadu apitey [email protected]@@ godustaru.Picchi Matallu matladaku Asallu Yella aputavu neeru nee chepu apudu neeku cheputa Hyderabd neeku asallu yenduku evalo.

When 70% people in hyderabad are telangana guys why u fight and shout to implement 610GO ??

Nice narration .... but remember that Hyd was developed by Andhra people only .. it is TDP leader only who has made Hyd as IT ICON by approaching bill gates in 1996 to set up Microsoft center in Hyd so that other companies would come up in Hyd ... even persons like Bill Clinton and Bill Gates who visited Hyd have appreaciated .. TDP leader for his efforts in developing Hyd .. they never said that we have set up our center because Hyd was 5th largest city .. nor seeing Nizam rule in Hyd nor KCR face ... today IT exports from Hyd city stood at 35000CR in 2009-2010 .. and nearly 1.5Lk of Software Engineer , the Software Kingdom built in Hyd was by Andhra people only .. first know the facts and then talk ..
Next there is no question of giving Hyd to Telangana people only .. and there is no question of Andhra people vacating .. from Hyd because when pakistan formed muslims did not vacate India .. and no body thought so brutally also .. If there would have been no merger Andhra people could have developed their capital city .. but now it tool late for formation of telangana nor foming another capital city in Andhra , If required please take Warangal has capital city .. i guess it has enough potential also .. gud luck

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Postby statesman » November 3rd, 2011, 4:38 pm

warangal certainly have the chances of becoming capital of telengana bcoz of its history and natural resources.the only problem is that no body is intrested in developing warangal from CM to the MLA. why is vizag given so importance why not warangal.we even have good education in warangal like NIT.. but still it is same as it was 10 years ago.not a single industry has been established no employement all this is only bcoz it is in telangana.if this city would have been in andhra it would have been even better than vizag.

The main reason for its present state is capital centric politics of developing only hyderabad, it is maoist seat who are the main culprits and cowardice people who can't chase away these anti nationals

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