Mohan Bhagawat's ridiculous comments

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Mohan Bhagawat's ridiculous comments

Postby sanjeev » January 7th, 2013, 8:25 pm

RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat said Women are bound to take care of their husband and family, while the husband responsibility is to look after the needs. He said if either of them breaks the contract, the marriage can be ended.

This is purely ridiculous. Are even more ridiculous are his earlier comments on the Delhi gangrape case, saying rapes won't occur in rural India. And more ridiculous than that is the BJP supporting the claims.

Is he living in the present?

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Re: Mohan Bhagawat's ridiculous comments

Postby statesman » April 28th, 2013, 1:22 pm

Why it is ridiculous? what wrong he said? We are facing all the present problems because we have forgotten our tradit ions. If any body talks about traditions you people brand him as orthodox and even question are u living in present. What for higher education being pursued by girls. They get married to a person who just trying to settle in his career. Most of them want to continue in their job and make her husband life miserable and more than half of them resign their jobs and settle as house wives. What about the girl's parents economic condition. They have to spend both ways one for girl' education and secondly for marriage. you think of parents who have only girl children. some girls do jobs just for fun and pocket money.Those who pamper for the government jobs get them by hook or crook, by spending money at Hyderabad and earn 100 times more by becoming corrupt.some of the girls spoil boys who just start their in the name of love,passion and another set of boys and girls get spoiled entering into illegal relationship. Ultimately leaving their parents in lurch.

You also think of parents having only boy children. these girls after resigning from jobs or even while doing jobs will not allow boy's parents to live with them. Please think of Parents who sacrifice their entire income or savings on children. these are the hidden reasons for unemployment in this country.

You now tell me how many girls are really doing justice to their positions in her job, husband, in laws or even to her parents and how many boys. I know so may girls doing B Tech mechanical/Civil/electrical and no way useful to this country restricting them selves to 4 walls and if the same seats are offered to boys would increase productivity in manufacturing sector. what do you say. several girls who fail become engineers or doctors doing their MBA(Masters in business abadhalu). after doing MBA you are licensed to tell lies openly only to help MNCs increase their business here

Our society is already struggling from these MNCs coke(Colour water wala), kfc (Chicken wala), McDonalds(Bhajiawala),hundreds of several products from abroad. i think days have already arrived suchas u have to go to chinese shop to purchase a plastic mug for your toilet becoz our country is not able to even produce it leave others.

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