Visa denial an insult to nation

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Visa denial an insult to nation

Postby webgeek » March 21st, 2005, 9:39 pm

No - It is not my statement. It is a statement by Senior BJP Leader - M Venkaiah Naidu - speaking on the recent Visa being denied to Narendra Modi.

‘‘We always felt proud that India and the US were the two largest democracies in the world. But now we have to think twice before comparing the democracy in the US with that in India,’’ he said.
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Postby Guest » April 21st, 2005, 9:16 pm

US did a right thing.
India should expel Modi or atleast punish him what he did in Gujarat.
He is a shame to humanity andIndia

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Postby Surya Kala Chennamaneni » April 21st, 2005, 9:28 pm

BJP is only for encouraging communal riots. They dont keep up their promises like banning religious conversions and cheat hindus.

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Postby Kalinga_tiger » April 22nd, 2005, 3:29 pm

In other countries there are laws of expelling criminals from country. Why do such countries agree to give visas to criminals for entering their country?
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