rayapati playing caste politics openly!!!

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Yes Rayapati would have behaved with dignity

Postby satyasudha » January 22nd, 2006, 5:35 pm

Rayapati Sambasiva Rao would have not behaved like this. But one thing is sure. YSR is making a perfect balance of all castes in his government unlike Naidu in TD government.
Though some of the castes are trying to make false campaign that YSR is catering only for a particular caste or group of castes is incorrect. The false propoganda that Kammas are not given share is not correct(They are less than 5 per cent of population).
Apcob chaiman Vasnatha Nageswara Rao(kamma), Minister Pinamaneni Venkateswar Rao several MLAs and MPs(from Kamma). From one family Congess hasgiven MLA and MP that is Daggupatis family.
Kammas who enjoyed the power like anything during TDs regime may not be given share like they got earlier but they are now given their share what they deserve.
The balance is struck between all communities.
PCC president Keshava Rao, There are two union minister Panabaka Lakshmi Dasari Narayan Rao(congress) and two others from TRS(Narendar and KCR) all these belong to other castes.

In police Intelligence IG Aravinda Rao, DGP Sen, Hyd commsne Mohanty, Vskp Commissioner Kaumaudi and Vija Commissioner Umesh Sharaaff Addl L& O Naidu (these are the prime posts in police department) belongs to other castes or North Indians. None of these posts are now held by Reddy's.
(However earlier during Naidus regime most of them belonging to particular community served as commissioners as well as IG intelligence)

In IAS the forme cheif sec was brahmin and and n Dawan now(may be be an ST). Hyd Municpal commissioner sanja jaj Vija municla comssion some lady and praveen vijag collector and Jannat Hussain and there is lot of balance struck in these posts.
No caste is given priority in YSRs regime. All are treated well

Kammas Reddys Kapus Muslims Christians Vysasa SC(Malas Madigas) BC's all Rajus all are treted well.

Only difference earlier Naidu gave over share in the power to Kammas and a few sections of BC community and some renowned Rajus. Only they enjoyed the power.
Now over share to Kammas and certian sections of BCs was decreased little bit.

SO BOSS NO CASTISM YSR IS RULING THE STATE WELL. (EVEN WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF MEDIA which is entangled in the hands of a particular community).
ALL TELUGUS LET US SUPPORT YSR for the development of State.

HE is one of the best CMS of AP. (WE dont say Naidu is not he also did well but with lot drawbacks).
YSR is Naidu minus drawbacks...

SO FOR THE GOOD OF society Telugus and Andhra let us suppoer YSR of all his good deeds.


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Its a open secret

Postby ramesh99 » April 13th, 2006, 5:44 pm

Rayapati Sambasiva Rao expressed his feelings openely .
We are all know How many Reddy Ministers, MLA's and MP's are there in current congress governament.
Also the ratio of kammas in the previous governament.
Anyhow[b] congress governament is a collection of reddy's and TDP governament is a pool of Kammas it's a open secret [/b]

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Postby Mrinalini Adibhatla » April 13th, 2006, 6:30 pm

Why do they claim themselves as secularists while they are playing caste politics openly? They don't have dare to agree that they are castists.

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far from truth

Postby mahe » April 15th, 2006, 2:46 am

most of the opinions that were expressed here on this paticular topic, i find, are one sided. I am a kamma. And i prefer making a rational argument. many of the guys here have commented that Rayapati is too much caste obsessive...who is not..everyone of us to an extent is so..and we should feel not shy about that and to try and act as being impartial.

if we put aside the caste side of the argument, we have to remember that it is the rayapati family that has been fighting the might of the TDP over the years. Kanna lakshmi narayana has come up now after becoming a minister and making a strong point for his son..where was he when there was no body backing the party financially ..where was kanna when the rayapati family fought lone battles in the Zp elections.i believe it was the rayapatis who had all along been spending their money for the sake of the party that has always tried to ignore them...

some one in another post said that kammas have a good representation...where and in what ? how many Kamma mla's are ministers despite being a sizable population in the coastal region and the second in population in a couple of rayalaseema districts...compare that with the number of Reddy candidates who are ministers...every chief and important post in the govt. is held by them ..i am not rueing them..they have power and they are sharing it among themselves..it is quite visible....

someone accused the chandra babu naidu regime as being a kamma dominated one..it is clearly far from truth..chandra babu naidu is a kamma ..everyone knows that ...but he is not too supportive of them being in large numbers in his ministry..just check to urself as to how many from the community were ministers in the previous regime....

as of now YSR seems to be a better leader than NAIDU. i agree to it fully . but what i do not agree is that he is ampartial..there is a nit of everything in him and this bit of anti kamma feeling ia a bit more in him..it is not born today ..if one goes through the hisory , it is very much visible that YSR tries and grroms a leader from another caste in areas dominated by the kammas...

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