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YSR Govt - a copycat of TDP

Postby ranjanbca7 » January 17th, 2005, 1:23 pm

[b]Hey guys,

YSR govt is just imitating the plans of TDP ruled govt.
Here are some stances-


There is no single major development project taken up in past 7 months..

The godavari and krishna water supply projects have been initiated by Mr.CBN. There is no scene for Industrial development nor The IT Sector.

Coming to Agriculture, more no of farmers are committing suicides and no proper irrigation plans for them.

All foundation stones are being laid, but there is no practical reality in starting them.. Irrigation project project is in court.

While coming to transport sector, there are no subsidies for APSRTC, no new buses, The long term demand of merging Vizag in to SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY section is still a dream to come..

What is being done to the major cities... Hyd, Vizag, Vja....
the law and order has gone out of control,
There are many communal clashes in the name of religion, castes, reservations....

And finally coming to naxalites issue. YSR .better wear bangles and sit in home...It is a shame for us to surrender to the anti social element leaders in the state... there is no co-ordination in the proceedings..

If the govt is not able to solve the Naxals issue, then it is a big waste govt.
Instead There should be a DO or DIE issue. What happened to the peace talks. The govt is wasting our money and not any one 's else. It is our own hard earned money....not YSR money...

On a whole YSR govt is a big waste govt,...No unity between leaders, and no prper vision and action..


Postby Guest » January 17th, 2005, 2:07 pm

He want to take 5 thousand crores loan from world bank now. Vadu kooda Chandra Babu gadi lage prapancha bank cheppu chetallo pani cheyyalanukuntunnadu.

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Postby mandangi » January 17th, 2005, 7:46 pm

At first i was also thinking that YSR makes AP free from loans. Now he is also trying to get world bank loans which are dangerous for our economy.
In India rich people become more rich and poor people become more poor. Because our politicians are following pro capitalistic policies.
Praveen Kumar Mandangi

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Postby YasodharaDevi » January 18th, 2005, 7:33 am

TSudharsanReddy wrote:He want to take 5 thousand crores loan from world bank now. Vadu kooda Chandra Babu gadi lage prapancha bank cheppu chetallo pani cheyyalanukuntunnadu.

Before elections he talked against world bank policies. Now he is also supporting world bank like CBN.

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