Center and state when it comes to AP

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Center and state when it comes to AP

Postby whatever123 » August 6th, 2016, 10:47 am

I was Modi supporter till 2014 election time. After TWO years looking at reality feeling like time for "Paapaprakshalana".
I am putting long notes with facts because time to question Modi&Center on it's Federal principles


On the spot announced 1000 crores. End result is they gave already Andhra share of allocated money from NDRF fund.
Just the power&state infra sector alone lost 15-20,000 crores in HUDHUD but center estimate of Hudhud is less than 700 crores overall.

2) Universities/Institutions
AP govt given land and on demand from center built compound walls. before handover these lands AP BJP leaders everyday blamed CBN govt.
It is more than 12 months state handed over the land with walls. Not even single institute construction work started.

AP state was blamed for land delay until last year. AP given land almost 12 months back.
Not even the designs for AIIMS are finalized forget about tenders for construction

4) Polavaram
Modi govt(this is again special treatment) rejected to pay already spent money before 2014,June. AP spent 7000 crores before 2014 so that will not be repaid.
Center rejected pattiseema costs so that 1300 crores also state cost.

if Pattiseema is not part of Polavaram then they should include it in "Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme(AIBP)" scheme,right?
As per that AIBP scheme policies Pattiseema should get complete paid-back from center.

But shamefully center is looking to steal Polavaram power share from Andhra.Why Andhra has to give share of power from this project for which it spent 7000 cores already. Before re-org bill the power house was totally Andhra owned.

Now Modi's special gift to Andhra is stealing Polavaram power share.

5) Tax incentives.

In 2015 January they announced some incentives. No single company is eligible with NEW conditions they added in 2016 and all are rejected recently it seems.
Why to call it incentives when the conditions make it impossible to qualify.

6) ADB chennai-Vizag corridor

Modi&Pushpam batch in 2014 did hungama on Chennai-Vizag corridor that was UPA project
End result, UPA announced that as central project and Modi changed that to state loan compaltely
Where as Mumbai-Delhi is center grant project

7) Amaravati Capital fund
1000 crores Vijaywada,Guntur corporation combined money also shown as capital bulding construction fund.
Because we got land free at least CBN is making baby steps on capital. Otherwise only tents.

8) Ports
Duggaraju patnam is in RE-org bill promise to be complete phase-1 by 2018. Till now no steps for any port in Andhra.
Where as the projects for MH,Gujarat ports rail&road connectivity has already stated.
Hyderabad-Mumbai port express way project with 25,000 crores tells what this govt priorities are
Mumbai-Ahmadabad Express way with 25,000 project tells what interests Modi has on East coast

Why Central govt is importing COAL from Australia,Malaysia from WEST coast ports?
Modi govt own report shows that Coal imports directed to WEST from EAST ports caused 4000 crores loss to country last year alone
Same report clearly says EAST requires more ports with recent imports increasing in commodities from EAST.
Same report with numbers says importing these commodities from coast would save 40,000 crores to India per YEAR

Still Modi govt did not make any steps for New ports in TWO years to Andhra.
But started TWO road projects with 50,000 crores connecting west ports with express ways:)

Isn't it deliberate Gujarat,MH promotion even though it is huge loss to Country.

9) SEEMA,UA tax incentives
Any proposal for Seema,UA and Amaravati incentives are outright rejected immediately saying with GST no one gets any invvetives.

As per Finance Comission Andhra is the only state in Country with deficit after 2020 also. But Modi govt keep rejecting any incentives for Andhra.
Then why Mumbai Financial zone, Gujarat GIFT city were given special Tax incentives by Center?

Is he not prime minister for Andhra?

11) 350 crores backward package

This is cruel joke by BJP govt on Andhra backward districts. By the way Andhra is not only state that got this.
Every state got backward district fund but when it comes to Andhra they are showing it as special.
Ex:- Rajastan,T,Madhya Pradesh and all other states also received this backward district special funds
Where as Andhra 350 crores is publicized as if Andhra only got it special.
On top Center is playing worst campaign on that 350 crores also as if Andhra has wasted that money.

12) Drought package
Andhra for 2015 has received least amount of drought fund from Modi govt compared to any other state in India
That shows the motives of Modi govt.

13) Nellore,Chitoor floods
2000 crores for Chennai but where is our minimal share of floods?
On Top they cut drought package showing Floods as excuse. It seems center cut ANdhra Drought package showing flood. Then for where is the money for FLood damage?

it seems they cut Flood damage showing drought vice versa.

14) Finance Commission
Daily Modi&co are chanting Finance commission as excuse for no Special Status.
In the same report they clearly said Andhra Pradesh will be the only state with Deficit after 2020 also.
What have you done to help the situation even for 2020?
Also same Fiance commission asked center to give 50% share to states for offshore drilling on their coast. Why Modi not implementing that?

Where is the support to Andhra when you are looting KG basin gas from us? Because of GAS blowouts Andhra lost 100 lives but Modi govt did not care for this region.

15) 4000 crores tax arrears loss to Andhra
Why center can't correct a blunder for which Andhra is paying the debits to companies but the revenue goes to T.
This one is against federal principles and does not require any special party support also.
All it requires is a GO correcting that technical mistake.

16) Financial deficit

Excluding runamafi CAG after audit has agreed it is 13,500 crores deficit. Where is that money?
Some BJP leaders are questioning state welfare schemes. Is Andhra the only state that does welfare schemes?
That means you are expecting AP govt just to give monthly salaries and sit home?
Then why Gujarat,MH govt's need 1lakh crore support for Bullet Train from Center?

17) 9/10th schedule assets
Even after Supreme court guide lines Center is not in a position to resolve the asset sharing to Andhra.
Is Centre expecting Supreme court to do implementation part of the Judgement also?

18) Railway zone
Pity that for Railway Zone also we have to fight

19) Airports
AP govt giving 1000's of crores worth land for these Airport projects but Center hardly spending maximum 200 crores overall(YES overall 200 crores as Bhogapuram development is PPP model).
Where as revenue from Airport goes to center only.

20) Sagar Mala
25,000 crores for Ganga cleaning project annoounced after Modi swearing in and appreciate that.
Already in TWO years released and spent 3000 crores till date from center. Sad part is Today released report says no results yet.
Where as Andhra Pradesh Sagar Mala project that helps industrialization and gives results is just on papers for last TWO years.
As part of Sagar mala preparation WEST coast is getting ports connectivity&Express ways projects going ahead.
But when it comes to EAST no genuine support from Modi.

21) Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme(AIBP) irrigation scheme

All states got their share as per the this scheme based on projects they have taken. Where as Andhra officials are asked for redoing paperwork and put on hold.
In reality center department says Andhra is No#1 in country at present in irrigation projects execution.

22) APEX council for T irrigation projects
Suprement court asked for Apex council. Till now minister did not even talk on that and already Andhra started letters requesting APEX council meet.

23) Vizag ITIR harassment

State has put lot of effort wishing ITIR project sanction from center. Center has returned THREE times back to come back with better paperwork. Finally after all the effort they canceled the ITIR project. First of all why did you announce ITIR and then this harassment?

24) Vizag- Biotech Park Joke

Center asked AP state to prepare DPR for Biotech park on 2016-April 28th.
May 2nd week your BJP started giving statements to media that AP govt not interested in Biotech project and not prepared DPR yet:)
With your ITIR harassment how do you expect DPR prepation in 3 weeks?

25) AP state officials only special treatment

PV Ramesh- ex financial secretary&Team spent most of their time preparing reports for Center queries/rework at least to get some help on 1)Financial deficit 2) NitiAyog(this is by the way Modi personnel dept to get approval for Gujarat bullter train,GIFT city tax incentives e.t.c)

Finally the talk is AP officials stopped preparing reports also as Center anyway is going to reject it or ask for rework.
After 24 months of state Finance department going around with all reports finally Niti Ayog did not even had it's recomendations for Andhra.

Where as same Niti Ayog prepared&approved(Pangariya in person went to Japan for fast approvals) Gujarat Bullet train more than any other project in Indian history.
Same NITI recommended tax incentives for Gujarat GIFT city(but rejected any incetives to Andhra)
Same NITI recommended 600+ crore fund for "Ardh kumbhmela" and asked to release 200 crores immediately(not even a penny for our Pushkar request)
Same Niti VC Pangaria, hate to say but enjoyed playing with Andhra people emotions in his visit to Andhra.
End of his visit Pangaria comment was, state like Andhra does not need any help as they seem to function on their own!!!! In his opinion may be states like Gujarat,MH only need special support?

Some other things that hurt our feelings if we know
- ZERO money grant for Pushakaralu and rejected Andhra proposal for any support. Where as Arhtkumbh got 600+ crores from center and promised more
- No support for Polavaram but 1 lakh crores for Gujarat,MH bullet train
- No budget(and AP request was rejected) for Krishna River front where as Gandhinagar river front project getting Center budget support
- Patel statue with 3000 crores(l&T won the bid for 3000 crores by the way) but no support for chennai-Vizag corridor that gives lakhs of jobs

*****************************Below are things put on-hold by Modi govt that were started by UPA********************

- Vijayawada bypass 1800 crore project put on hold after it started in UPA. By the way Vijayawada is the only city in Country that has ONE SINGLE BRIDGE for both National highway and local traffic purpose. Sad part is that SINGLE bridge connects state capital+TWO major corporations + 15 other close by municipalities
- UPA has given Duggarajupatnam port and that is completely put on hold in last TWO years
- UPA initiated Chennai-Bangalore corridor is not moving anywhere compared to Mumbai-Delhi corridor getting JICA funds and support from center
- Hate to say(because it minimizes effort from Kesineni Nani), Vijayawada Kanakadurga project money was also sanctioned in the past by UPA goct. The funds have expired because of no action from state Congress govt and Lagadapati opposing it. For re-sanctioning same expired funds we are treating BJP central govt as savior. That is our Andhra pathetic situation compared to bullet trains,express highways to MH,Gujarat.

Seeing praise for Kanakadurga project money re-sanction, BJP leaders started cruel jokes in their as usual flow. "60,000 crores PPP road project allocation:)". Not sure what do they think of us when giving these statements.

The ONLY GIFT ANDHRA got from MODI govt is 12 Nuclear reactors in our backyard. He moved Gujarat SIX reactors also to Andhra Pradesh.

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