My Analysis of arguments here

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My Analysis of arguments here

Postby whatever123 » August 14th, 2016, 12:19 am

Repeatedly we see here my opinions against the vizag group (RR and ved). personally I like both of them and have no doubt they are gentlemen - Also I enjoy robust discussions and have fun with verbal sparring. But i thought about all these discussions and decided to summarize why we tend to take opposite views of issues:

Vizag group

When state was divided Vizag remained the preeminent city in remaining AP. Naturally some vizagites though sad at the way the state was divided expected vizag to be next capital and see a lot of growth in their city. They were also aware vizag has a geography problem and if vizag is not chosen as capital they wanted capital to be an insignificant ("administrative capital") area so the status of vizag as preeminent city is not disturbed.

But all those expectations went haywire when AP govt not only not chose vizag as capital but decided to make the new capital a world class city which will eliminate the status of vizag as pre-eminent city within AP. This was pretty hard news to digest and they are still grieving over it. Ved tried to assuage by saying new capital is just 300 kms from vizag. But the bitterness remained. The bitterness comes out in form of wild exxagerations of KG people's bad aspects, conspiratorial accusations against the best CM India ever had or continue to have, denial of obvious truth such as fair land acquisition for amaravati etc, wierd economic theories etc.

The above paras explain why the vizag group post as they do.


Though I was born in Machilipatnam - I grew up in Hyderabad - studied all over India - travelled many countries.I always lived at the border of Telugu identity - where Telugu people met Muslims in hyd, or other indians in my studies, or foreigners. I have seen telugu mocked at in Hyd by urdu speaking muslims (it no longer happens), telugu people looked down by tamils, unrecognized by north indians and mostly marginalized (with rest of indians) abroad. To me Telugu identity was important (as language is so important) and all these caste, region talk appeared so small, so damaging in front of the big wide world where so many groups are doing so well.

I was never that much in to politics before and never even cared about NTR. Then I saw CBN in 1996 and I saw the dramatic change in Hyd in few years - it was by far the best run city,cleanest city, dramatic change in city. I saw the recognition, admiration and jealousy by various non-telugu people. I saw the enhancement in international profile of telugu people. Ofcourse since 2004 our democracy struck back and internal jealousies, abuse bought down the great man. And we know what happened - I dont want go deep about that in this post.

When the state was brutally divided I knew AP needs a great city. My travels taught me the importance of great cities - Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, Astana - all developed recently and economic powerhouses for their countries. without great cities a society is nothing and has nothing to offer. I dont mind if it were vizag or tirupati or anywhere. in fact as lover of cool weather I would prefer it somewhere near horsely hills in chittoor - close to both bangalore and chennai. But govt choose amaravati and I want it to succeed with passion. I know succesfully amaravati means succesful andhra pradesh, succesfull vizag and succesfull tirupati. I want all places to develop ofcourse but a mega city is must. I cheer when sri city gets isuzu, vizag gets mobile manufacturing, tirupati gets new international airport etc. That explains why I post what I post.


While I understand the vizag group I think its time they get over their grief, develop a broader vision for telugu people (not just vizag) and start to own their capital amaravaiti. Its their capital too and KG people are not aliens from another planet but fellow telugu people we work with, intermarry etc. I hope to see the change in arguments here.

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