Few personal thoughts for spreading good.

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Few personal thoughts for spreading good.

Postby pathurun » January 3rd, 2007, 8:18 am

Is there darkness infront of the Sun. Bring in the light and darkness will disappear. If there is darkness in a room and you sit and complain there is darkness nothing will happen. Bring in the light and the darkness will disappear. If you want to help a poor man don't tell him how to live, go and live with him. If there is a knife in a childs hand don't ask him to throw it away, give him an apple and he will drop it. Education at the cost of character is not a true education. Take the good from the west and take the good from the east, a european society with India's culture is a perfect society. Vivekananda Swamy.

So much bad just to spread a little good. Is it necessary.
Do you see the Ravana. Could it be the sum total of bad words, bad thoughts and bad character of ours. Is this what the old Maharishis called Ravana.
Then where is Rama. Could it be possible a few good peoples prayers to God will make the Rama come down and overcome this Ravana. Is it hard to believe. Is this what the Maharishis called the touch of Rama did to Ahalya. Could it be possible that we are daring to look at the sun straight with our eyes. Are we trying to understand and solve too many problems at one time and hurt ourselves and others. Can we not look at the Sun through a small opening and see the Sun successfully and yet not hurt our eyes. Could it be possible we should take one thing at one time and solve one thing first before the others.

I need one hundered sincere men and women with a Lion's heart, who are ready to lay down their lives for the sake of India and i will reform India. I am coming. Vivekananda Swamy.

What has Budha and Thukaram done when they met the prostitute. They have promised that they will come when there is real need. Does the solution lie in transforming our distracted brothers and sisters into Budha and Thukaram. They said it is more important to have inner beauty than external beauty to the prostitute and helped them when they really needed them in the old age. Could it be possible to tell our brothers and sisters about the inner beauty and they are all transformed into Budhas. Can you even imagine how India would look like with such Budhas. Is that telling what the old Maharishis called Rama.

What did Vivekananda Swamy do when he met a prostitute, he realized the safety of so many other women depended on the sacrifices of these women. Could it be possible even these women had great character in them that they would sacrifice their lives for others like this.
Then what happened to our brothers and sisters today. Is it the entertainment in various forms the Ravana. Then how to control this Ravana. Could it possible one powerful man or woman with good character will pass on a word to the various forms of Entertainment to control the vulgarity and we have already won half the evil in our society. What about the men and women with good character and no power, could it be possible to do the same and we have transformed half of Ravana to Rama. Can you even imagine it. If so it must be possible. Is this what Mahatma Gandhi did using Satyagraha. Could it be possible a group of good and peaceful men and women would start Mahatma's satyagraha again for this. Could that itself win half the evil in our society. Could that itself lay the foundation for winning the remaining Ravana in our society. Sow the seed, leave the rest to God. Could it be true that we can do the basic only and it is God who develops it. Could it be true we can only sow the seed and It is God who turns it into the tree.
Chedu Vinavadu, Chedu Kanavadu, Chedu matladavadu. Mahatma Gandhi
I could have changed half the world if i wanted to, but my Guru convinced me, It is not how the world is it is how you are is important. --Vivekananda Swamy Jai Telugu Thalli Jai Hind

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