Another Manohar style murderer in Karimnagar district

Highlights of 2004
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Another Manohar style murderer in Karimnagar district

Postby mandangi » August 11th, 2005, 10:19 am

Recently Manohar was sentenced to death for murder of a student in college. Within few days after that judgement another sadist killed school girl by name of love by administering poison forcebily. College student Deekonda Madhu who is aged 20, loved school girl named Kallepalli Mamata who is aged 13. He used to harass that girl by name of love. In past villagers warned him 2 times to change his behavior. When Mamata was coming from school to her home with her co students, Madhu threatened her co students and detained her his house. He forced her to accept his love and tried to spoil her chastity. Mamata had strongly rejected his love. Madhu administered monocrotophos(pesticide) to her forcibily. His neighbours noticed it and informed to parents of the girl. Girl's parents came and took her to hospital. She died in hospital.
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