Telugu vaari Diwali Bombs and Crackers - Made in China

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Telugu vaari Diwali Bombs and Crackers - Made in China

Postby webgeek » November 12th, 2004, 1:03 pm

There was front page news in Eenadu which states that the Diwali bombs and crackers that are sold in the market (at least this year) are actually imported from China!!

Few years back, none of us are actually buying crackers or other Diwali stuff from the market but make ourself. Things have changed where in the Tamil Nadu factories have come up with branded Diwali products. And they have come to the Television publicity also - remember the Ayyan Tapakayalu??

And finally, in this 2004, we are getting Diwali products manufactured in China. Wondering which country will do the manufacturing for our Telugu Ugaadi patchadi - Will it be Tamil Nadu or Malaysia?

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