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Postby venki4cool » March 20th, 2011, 12:42 pm

Manuguru-Ramagundam line can also helps to reduce the distance between vishakapatanam-mubai with the connectivity of vishakapatam-manuguru-ramagundam-nizamabad-manmad-mumbai.

Dude i will happens in dreams only....even though start new track it takes 10 years to complete them. Unfortunately AP is the 4 rd biggest state by population is having only 18% rail network. It is very much when compared to other states. Even in that 18% also its dumped with Howrah-Chennai, Newdelhi-Chennai trains only. Its upto people of state , if they educate on these type of infra then we can get some.

In india unfortunately most of the things will happen with peoples pressure only.

Like this metro, Central govt spending around 30000-40000 crs on green hunt to get rid of naxals. The funniest thing is they never bother about infra development such as rail, highway in those areas perticularly

Orissa,Ap,chattishgarh borders they never develop...Just with 10000 crs these place will get huge infra boost...but to just get popularity they are spending this much amount on naxal area...but tell me guys how come we eliminate naxal type issues with out developing those places ?????

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