Amway investigations...

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Amway investigations...

Postby ved » September 30th, 2006, 12:20 pm

I remember some discussions on Amway on this site much before the current scandal. If my memory serves right, the concern has always been the complexity of the Amway model and how people with very limited knowledge of the sales premise of the Amway can easily fall prey to unscrupulous members. It is not a pyramid scheme in strict sense, but it can be misused as pyramid scheme with gullible partners. This is exactly what happened when dozens of people complain that they were cheated.

Did you come across Amway sales person in your life? Or Did you venture into Amway network? What are your experiences ? Don’t get me wrong. It may be a wonderful sales concept , provided all players play ethically and all players are knowledgeable about the model. Therefore, what laws we need put in place to provide level playing field?

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