Private Transportation - Accidents

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Private Transportation - Accidents

Postby ravikirankethe » March 31st, 2006, 8:57 pm

I saw in the yesterday news that an auto met with an accident in krishna dt and 11 people were killed. This is really bad.

The people still not realizing the worth of life and they are just striving for the time and money. I clearly accept that RTC is not running ample of buses but still we need to depend on them to avoid these sort of accidents. Just for the reason the buses are not in time or private transporation is cheap, we should not go with the private transportation. The people who are now met with the accident were not being helped by the government as they are going on the private vehicles.

I wondered to see that accident happened when auto is trying to cross the truck. Imagine how much speed that auto might be going. On the above the capacity of that auto is 4 and 13 people were inside that auto. On the above that auto is going on very fast.

What is our Transport Corporation doing? Where are our cops? Who will be taking care of these mal-functioning guys?

The government should take some initiation to stop the private transportation and at the same time it should demand the RTC to run more buses.
Ravi Kethe

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