Bus stands outskirt of towns

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Postby Bystander » November 11th, 2004, 10:49 am

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Bus stands outskirt of towns

Postby Guest » November 11th, 2004, 11:28 am

complaining of location of bus stand on outskirts for small towns, We must think how the road position in these small towns. will the roads permit free driving of buses on these roads. Will it be conveniant and safe for the people live in houses constructed facing road with encroachments of steps and arugus projecting on to the road. How cycle and ricksha people ply on those roads. It is lucky that APSRTC used their brains and constructed bus stand on out skirts in certins small towns and Hyderabad,Vijayawada etc.

In fact Vizag RTC complex 's location to be reviewd in view of mayhem and chaos created by these RTC buses at Asilametta. I think RTC maddilapalem depot can be converted if the area is sufficiant and convert present bus stand in to city bus terminus. Remove all bus shelters on the dwarakanagar road for Nos. 6, 28, etc.

Visakhapatnam railway station is also very congested now a days because of huge rush of passengers flocking in. In my opinion Visakhapatnam should have a another terminal staion for the originating trains like Godavari, ratnachal, prasanthi and so on. This terminal can be constructed in railway grounds at new colony by taking a branch line from the main line. This will be like dadar terminal. The old platforms can be utilised for on going trains and passenger trains. We must remember one aspect here viz. DMU's & Passenger trains at Vizag station only create lot of congetion because of Kakinada passenger(24 bogies), Vijayawada passenger etc. besides another 15 DMU trains.

There is another problem engulfing Vizag is Auto rickshas, These drivers think they are from heaven and need not care for any body on the earth.Officials concerned must use their ceativity and construct shelters for autos on all the roads. The existing auto stands in the city are making auto parking perpendicular to the road. Pl. design the auto stands on road to park autos parelel to the road. There should be strict implementation of rule that no auto should stop on the road and pick up passengers. Passengers should be picked up only from Auto stand. Officials also should control / ban alighting of people from city buses at signal points. They shoul also ban catching the running buses.

Officials creativity stands an example of a request stop opposite to maddilapalem depot for simhachalam buses exposes their lack of road sense. The location is a turning on NH5 and passengers wait on the road, autos generally occupy the turning point and other vehicles coming from ramatalkies have to blow horn at least thrice to chase these auto fellows and waiting passengers.

Roads must be clear for other traffic also, Roads are not only to the RTC buses and auto rickshas.

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Postby Kalinga_tiger » November 11th, 2004, 11:38 am

In Amudalavalasa old bus stand more place is available. There is also shelter in old bus stand. That shelter can be destructed and bus station can be constructed there. But they had unnecessarily constructed in outskirt of town.

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Postby mandangi » November 11th, 2004, 11:49 am

In those days Amudalavalasa was a village. Srikakulam Road railway station is located at Amudalavalasa. Cement pipe industries, Sugar factory and jute mill were constructed at Amudalavalasa. Amudalavalasa turned as town. Amudalavalasa was changed as third grade muncipality. Main road in Amudalavalasa was widened. Traffic to Amudalavalasa increased. But bus station problem is not solved.
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