Crocodiles festival for APS RTC

From APSRTC to MMTS to the recent developments at Visakhapatnam Airport to Kingfisher Airlines and other private airliners extending their cover on the AP map - You can talk about them all here
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Surya Kala Chennamaneni
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Postby Surya Kala Chennamaneni » May 3rd, 2005, 9:00 am

RTC is not having sufficient busses to run in many areas. Demanding to ban autos and jeeps is big joke.

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Postby NadendlaSooryam » May 22nd, 2005, 6:38 pm

Recently YSR said that he want to sell properties of RTC for repaying loans. Appulu cheyyadam enduku, asthulu ammukovadam enduku?

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Postby VyricharlaRahulKumarDeo » May 23rd, 2005, 10:48 am

Now YSR changed his decision. He said that he is not going to sell any property of RTC.



Postby cera5ufho4 » August 24th, 2009, 8:37 pm

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