T votes would be split between CKR & T Talli?

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Postby vasums_hyd » May 29th, 2008, 10:32 pm

I think KCR hardly knows what the development of the Region means. Had he thought about it, then he would not have wasted our hard earned money for the wasteful elections. What does the election now or after 6 to 8 months matters. Will that make any changes to the thought process of Sonia Gandhi, who is just playing games in the name of T sentiments.

Does anyone knows what KCR has done for the region when he was in the center or when he was with the ruling party. You harldy find any. So do you really expect such person to do anything. I have already lost faith of such useless person long back.

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telangana guilt

Postby hyderabad rastra samithi » August 8th, 2009, 5:52 pm

The separate telangana movement is launched KCR because his velama dora group got eclipsed after formation of AP .This feudalistic group enjoyed maximum benifits prior to independance due to their proximity to earstwhile rulers under nizam government . They cornered most of the lands in fertile karimnagar and virtually suppressed masses . He sang unity song under NTR and cornered positions.

How will telangana will develop if such group comes to power ? people have rejected his group because it is suffering from the guilt of oppressing poor telangana masses. poor nizam was taking all the blame because of these feudlistic land lords.
hyderabad rastra samithi will never agree for inclussion of hyderabad in telangana because this very guilt will eat up hyderabadies including e muslims.

we need people with vision who can contribute some thing and not eat our flesh and blood.

AP assemly will never pass any telangana resolution. hyderabad will never agree to be part of telangana. With out all this telangana will never come. Do not waste our time any more.
With such huge resorces like kG gas /coal/iron ore/goldmines/lime stone /diamond mine/ bauxite/water resources like gooavari/krishna ,industries like software/steel plants
/petrochemicals/ports ,Rich agricultural production , AP is virtually made up of gold .we should all join hands to make every microinch of the state prosperous and green instead of wasting our time in promoting divisive tendencies.

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