KCR Telangana enemy no1: YSR

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KCR Telangana enemy no1: YSR

Postby rajender » April 7th, 2009, 10:00 pm

Warangal: After 10 days of ignoring KCR, chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy finally tore into the Telangana maverick, calling him Telangana’s enemy No 1 and a ‘Frankenstein monster’ created by TDP president Chandrababu Naidu.

Addressing public meetings in Station Ghanpur and Shayampet in Warangal district on Monday, the chief minister said KCR launched TRS as he was miffed with Naidu for not giving him a cabinet berth in 1999. “Would he have espoused the cause of Telangana had he got a cabinet berth? Did he even once fight for development of Telangana when he was a minister in the Naidu cabinet. Did he take up the case of Telangana farmers or weavers?”

The chief minister said, “KCR knows Telangana better than me but has he participated in the pain felt by the people of Telangana. What has he done to win projects for Telangana? Has he gone on a padayatra to understand the distress of farmers? Did he sit on a hunger strike to improve the lot of weavers? He advises his party activists now to eat pappannam but has he done so himself?” Rajasekhara Reddy said Naidu who opposed bifurcation of state was now trying to hoodwink the people in the name of Telangana and KCR, who attacked the TDP for opposing Telangana, is now back in Naidu’s fold. “This only shows the political opportunism of both leaders,” the chief minister thundered.

The chief minister said Telangana region witnessed unprecedented development during the last five years and more universities and colleges were set up in backward and remote districts. Rajasekhara Reddy listed the initiatives taken by the Congress government such as waiver of power dues, bank loans, pensions, Indiramma housing, Arogyasree.

Rajasekhara Reddy alerted people to the prospect of Chandrababu Naidu attempting to continue his dreaded reforms programme, as said by the TDP’s Ummareddy Venkateshwarlu on Sunday. If the reforms return, the CM said, there would be a return to ‘downsizing’ of government workers by 15 per cent per year as Naidu had once pledged to the World Bank. There will also be closure of factories, he said.

Source: www.votecong.com

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