‘Plea against withdrawing cases on law violators '

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‘Plea against withdrawing cases on law violators '

Postby Y.V.S.Mahadev » September 24th, 2010, 11:37 am

In the recent past there was demand from all political parties, in withdrawing the criminal cases against the agitators of samkya Andhra and Telengana. Succumbing to the pressure Government of Andhra Pradesh deputed a committee with Mr. Jana Reddy, Ex Home Minister and Ms. Sabita Indra Reddy present Home Minister. A statement was given by them stating that the government is looking into the issue of withdrawing the cases and Mr. Jana Reddy went to the extent of saying that the cases will be withdrawn before the end of Septemeber,2010. In this regard HSS questions Hon. Chief Minister, Union and State Home Ministers and Governor of AP, whether they had applied thought on the difficulties faced by the common people during these days of bandhs and hartals. Wife waited for husband with a feel of insecurity, mothers waited for children’s safe return from college and schools, every common person quied up for hours for Milk, diesel, petrol, groceries, vegetables and all other essential items. The plight of sick people is next to hell, as there was no public or any mode of transportation and medical aid. The common man of state in general and Hyderabad in particular, lived in state of fear for almost two months with an insecure feeling that what is going to happen in the next moment. The common people are made a party to 15 bandhs in these two months and some of them stretch to three days continuously. How come governments forgot these hardships of common people and succumb to the demand of political parties. If government of AP is not in a position to handle the pressure tactics of the opposition parties, let them resign, we will elect the people who can handle these pressure tactics. Common people are penalized in the name of safety every day, for not wearing helmet, seat belt etc and crores of rupees are collected from them, then how come government withdraw cases against the people who took law into their hands and caused damages to the tune of Rs.500 crores in property loss. Because of this APSRTC increased its ticket prices immediately to gap the loss of Rs.400 crores caused by burning of buses in these agitations. There are clear guide lines given by Supreme Court that in case of withdrawing cases against these law violating agitators, property damages should be recovered from the concerned people or parties who are involved.
India is the land of non violence and Mahatma Gandhi bought freedom through non violence only. For the past 10,000 years, India never waged war on any other country; it is only other countries which waged war on us. How can there be a room for violence in that kind of a country and how governments want to scot-free the people responsible for such acts. It is sheer insult to the biggest Democracy in the world for making mockery of it and also to the great people who fought on non violence, shame on the part of government of AP for mooting the proposal of withdrawing the cases against the law violators.
In case Government of AP withdraws cases against these law violators, HSS will file a writ in the Hon. High court of AP against this GO and fight for the cause of common man and make sure that this kind of acts won’t repeat in future
If you share the same view like HSS, Please send this email to Governor of AP, Home department and Hon. Chief justice of AP against withdrawing cases on the following email IDS mentioning in the subject column of mail ‘Plea against withdrawing cases on law violators of Telengana and Samakya Andhra movement’ also mail it to the people whom u know for the same action and prove that common people won’t tolerate the atrocities on them hereafter
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