Chiranjeevi in politics

Chiranjeevi is now into politics.

Postby Guest » February 25th, 2009, 6:50 pm

i have just visited west godavari district a few days back on some marriage functions. i heard from several people that chiranjeevi is getting money and muscle power from anil ambani. Anil ambani is financing chiranjeevi to get a footing in AP. poor chiranjeevi donot know what is in store for him.


chiru great

Postby aparna » February 28th, 2009, 4:57 pm

Hello Chiru,
I believe in you and u are doing well. Everyone is looking for a change and thinking to give you a chance. Keep your promises. Be as chiru in all our hearts for ever and ever and ever.
Lot of people are planning to criticize u there by they want to make you down but day by day .... u r getting good applause for responding to those in reverse in a smooth and very polite way. But i think too much ... is too... bad on their part to involve all the people around u. I especially feel sad about Srija and Renu desai for being targets.
One thing i just want to express is "Roja .... after speaking all those sriranganeethulu - Is it not bad on her part (being a lady) to critcize renu desai, pavankalyan and chiru in that harsh way??" She is showing her arrogance and revenge nature - is she going to be a good leader?? She was the first one to make comments on personal life's of people and inturn she is speaking all these .... looks funny. She should atleast realize that everyone is watching .... nothing is going to happen to chiru. She has to realize "When Elephant walks ... dogs bark.." (in chiru style)


Re: Chiranjeevi in politics

Postby Guest » March 9th, 2009, 7:26 pm

webgeek wrote:Looking back into the pages of the movie industry and indian politics, very few film celebrities have made their politics attempt permanent. And NTR is an excellent example for how far a film actor can become a successful politician and build a political party that went deep into the minds and hears of the people.

After Chiranjeevi, the next actor having so high expectations is Chiranjeevi. Would like to hear your views on Chiranjeevi and politics.
:D :) :D :D


good humanbeing

Postby goli » March 10th, 2009, 5:10 pm

Good chiru to see in politics , don't miss anybody voting to chiru ....god has given chance to vote chiru bu luck of our own fate chiru enterirc in to politics for good sake .....if we miss now ..again same fate of andhra ...think for change and give vote to chiru --- see he can give his best to andhrites ....

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