Exposing danger to Chiranjeevi!

Chiranjeevi is now into politics.
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Exposing danger to Chiranjeevi!

Postby prasadarza » May 2nd, 2009, 5:37 pm

Dear All
see the below exposing danger to Chiranjeevi from some more leaders with in the party.
We accept the lapses in the selection of candidates but the revolt from some senior politicians are intolerable.
These old and seasonal politicians are the very very danger to Prajarajyam party in future.
we shall need to stand for Chiranjeevi and Prajrajyam for good or bad as die hard soldiers,once again.
Get ready for another revolt with in party incase there is no wind for us in the election.
Incase there is a wind and chiranjeevi assumes to power we shall discard all these dangerous elements to avoid future backstabs as in the case of NTR.
Senior leaders corner Chiru

For a change, Praja Rajyam party president Chiranjeevi was at the receiving end at the party’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC) meeting Recently. when party seniors cornered him with a demand to know the basis on which candidates’ selection took place for the Assemly and Lok Sabha seats.

They told him clearly that there was no silent voting as he had expected in favour of the party and the numbers the party was projecting were not realistic.

Party Political Affairs Committee member P Shiv Shankar and vice president P Radhakrishna reportedly lost their cool in the meeting and vented their anger over the functioning of the party. The veteran leader who was known for his outspoken attitude alleged that the candidates’ selection was not proper. He is understood to have pointed out that the leadership was cutting the branch of the tree on which it was sitting.

As the leaders kept pounding Chiranjeevi on the lapses, there was no other go for him but to admit the mistakes that had been committed in selection of candidates and advised Shiv Shanker to remain silent for while and that the issue would be discussed latter. But Radhakrishna did not stop there and watned to know from the party chief why senior leaders like him had not been taken into confidence in selection of the candidates.

At this juncture, Chiranjeevi lost his temper and asked the vicepresident to remain silent.

Meanwhile, it came to be known that Chiranjeevi had a survey done on the party’s prospects after the polls and it indicated that the party had winning chances in about 120 seats and if the silent vote was in favour of the party the numbers would go upto 160, giving the party a clear majority.

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Postby RIPPLEMAN » May 4th, 2009, 3:32 pm


I dont know what to say about the article you have posted.

Its Chiru's mistake to take the decision so late.

Its his fault, that he didn't take help from the seasoned politicians.

Its his fault he didnot take correct action at the right time.

Everything that's happening is expected.

According to public pulse Chiru may get seats anything between 60 to 90 nothing beyound that. If he can get more he is really lucky.

As fans of chiru we are always ready to back him at a ny point of time. However we sould never think before we criticise him too this will actually make him a good leader.

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Postby wenneferbasir » December 24th, 2011, 12:55 pm

Why what is happening .,,is this the problem now!!!

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