Idolizing YSR

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Idolizing YSR

Postby whatever123 » September 6th, 2009, 11:09 pm

YSR is a very charismatic leader in AP. He also made some postive contributions to AP. And he deserves the rich farewel he got. But is there not too much idolizing of him ? Does he not have many blackspots - corruption, role in 1990 riots in AP, favouring his son's business. Stacking everything with Reddy's etc. Is it correct to name an entire district after him ? I did not like naming Nellore as Potti sriramulu nellore some 60 years after his death. It was done to please the komati lobby.

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Postby ved » September 7th, 2009, 9:30 am

Here is a thought provoking editorial from Hindu about Political Feudalism:

At a time of irreparable loss, the family of Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy needs sympathy and support from the Congress party and the people of Andhra Pradesh. But what middle-level State leaders of the party have put on display in the hours following confirmation of the death of YSR is not emotional support but political feudalism, an unseemly display of calculated and self-serving fealty to the First Family of the State. Even before YSR got his hero’s burial, pre-emptive efforts were on to have his son Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy accepted as the next Chief Minister, with more than 120 of the party’s 154 MLAs pressed into service as signatories to a petition backing this demand. India is no stranger to dynastic politics at the Centre and in several States, with the top jobs and privileges in certain parties reserved for family members, however inexperienced or unqualified they might be. YSR worked his way up the political ladder, first as an intrepid factional politician and then as a mass leader and strategist. His 36-year-old son, who until recently insisted that he was a businessman and not a politician, is a political novice with only the experience of managing a media organisation to back his case for heading the government. His formal entry into politics came during the 2009 Lok Sabha election, when he was elected from the Kadapa constituency. That however is of no concern to a support base that has prospered solely on the basis of allegiance to YSR and suddenly finds itself without its benefactor.

However, the campaign to anoint Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy as Chief Minister is not all about the feudal spirit. In the five years of YSR rule, some big business interests benefited hugely from concessions handed out in a corruption-ridden environment; these have figured in the documented allegations levelled by Opposition leader N. Chandrababu Naidu against the Congress government. What is clear is that vested interests that have wielded enormous influence in the State administration and have much to lose would like to see continuity in the ways of governance. In their eyes, Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy is the best bet to preserve the status quo; anyone else in the Chief Minister’s chair would mean taking a chance. The Congress high command cannot be oblivious to these facts on the ground. Ironically, a party that has long been criticised for imposing Chief Ministers from above, ignoring the views of the legislature party and undermining the democratic process, may need to do so once more — in the democratic and development interests of South India’s largest State and to set a no-nonsense example. The question is: will it do it?

Here are few comments from readers:

The first reader puts the blame for this feudalistic tendencies on the common man:

"If a member of a particular family, without sufficient experience in political work and governance can be considered by large sections of the people and the media as the natural choice to head a national party like the Congress and any government formed by it at the Centre, the Andhra politicians cannot be faulted. They are just being true to the country's political culture. A cultural renaissance in the country's political community will be welcomed by all right-thinking democrats.
from - K.Vijayakumar

Here is another writer laments the growing dynastic politics:

Your editorial is nothing new except for the fact that the feudalism in Indian politics has assumed dimensions hitherto unseen, and is much more blatant particularly in the Congress. Also, while it was confined to the head honchos, it has now trickled to lower levels where even an MLA feels that once elected, that seat is a family asset. The day appears to be not too far off when the country will be in the hands of a few families who will dictate and preside over the destinies of the hapless millions.
- Raj Kumar

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Postby ved » September 13th, 2009, 11:33 pm

"TTD trust board member Chevireddy Bhaskara Reddy already announced that he would construct temple for YSR in the temple town at a cost of Rs 1 crore which he would bear from his own pocket."

No doubt he should be considered as one of the great leaders from Andhra pradesh. Create a library or memorial, but idolizing him as God, that too from a TTD trust member, is preposterous. How these guys with no belief in religious philosophy became a trustee members of the most popular Hindu temple? This deception and sycophancy is disgusting.

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Postby statesman » September 25th, 2009, 12:47 pm

it is the kadapa batch of politicians think they only can rule AP. At any cost Jagan should never be allowed to become CM and if made will be end of congress in AP.

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