Hyderabad becomes "GREATER"

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Postby apwala » February 1st, 2007, 5:07 pm

Hyderabad: The contours of Hyderabad are in for a drastic change. With the High Court quashing the petitions challenging formation of Greater Hyderabad, the State capital is going to witness substantial increase both in terms of its population and area. The merger of 12 surrounding municipalities and 8 gram panchyats will result in the urban agglomeration area increasing from 172 sq. km to 725 sq. km.

The municipalities proposed to be included are L.B. Nagar, Gaddiannaram, Uppal Kalan, Kapra, Alwal, Qutubullapur, Malkajgiri, Kukatpally, Serlingampally, Rajendranagar, Patancheru and Ramachandrapuram. The Gram Panchyats are: Shamshabad, Mamidipalli, Satamarai, Jalapally, Mankhal, Tukkuguda, Sardarnagar and Ravarala.


City Mayor T. Krishna Reddy accepted the court verdict, but said the concept was administratively ill advised. It would cause more harm than good to the people with the taxes registering ten-fold increase. Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owasi too feels the move is a disaster administratively. "It will destroy the civic apparatus," he said.

The constitution of Greater Hyderabad is intended to ensure better planning and focussed development of the mega city, make it internationally competitive with world-class infrastructure and services. The population has registered an increase of about 216 per cent in the last three decades - jumping from 18 lakhs in 1971 to about 57 lakhs in 2001. The population of Hyderabad urban agglomeration is expected to touch 136 lakhs by 2021with the overall average density of about 200 persons per hectare. Greater Hyderabad is considered necessary to facilitate improved civic services and relieve the stress on existing infrastructure.

Political motives

However, the elected body in the MCH feels the Greater Hyderabad concept smacks of political motives and formulated without any action plan. In a resolution adopted at the general body meeting in August 2005, majority of the members opposed the proposal to merge the surrounding municipalities and gram panchyats. Several corporators are apprehensive that in the event of creation of Telangana State, the Government might transform Greater Hyderabad into a Union Territory, harming the interests of people of Telangana. It is also feared that the liabilities of the municipalities and gram panchyats proposed to be merged will fall on the exchequer of MCH.

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Postby statesman » February 1st, 2007, 6:20 pm

It is a dream that the hyderbad will develop after attaining Greater status, 12 muncipal chairmen, hundreds of ex. councillars of 12 muncipalities along with hyderabad mayor and bunch of corporators along with TD leaders like devender goud etc who owns thousands of acres of land in rangareddy distrct will se to it that the greater status is stopped some how. these kozza people are so great, even if hyd gets status. the gallis will be same, the water problem will be same and roads will be same. public and their culture should change, any government's effort cannot change these people, in old city more than 500 crores AP transco should get from public from power bills, they don't pay, this is the culture. greater city will be out to do more injustice to other cities of AP by swallowing almost lions share leaving other cities in lurch. this should be stopped.

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Postby bommasaniv » February 2nd, 2007, 9:54 am

Hyderabad is everybodys property, it belongs to entire state no body can deny it, let us be positve and hope Hyd gains advantage from Greater status.

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Postby statesman » February 3rd, 2007, 6:34 pm

if people living in hyderbad does not pay taxes and power bills, which god can help this city. There is no rule and rhyme here, every thing is politicised, it is one rule for hydrbad and another for rest of AP. it is a city of total mayhem and chaos which cannot be changed by any body except a central rule for at least 10 years keeping almost all political parties in dust bin.

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