Hyderabad municipal elections!

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Hyderabad municipal elections!

Postby Geek » February 6th, 2007, 5:44 am

Greater Hyderabad

Every one curious and waiting with bated breath as to what would be the outcome of the impending Municipal election to be held soon in this historic city known for its world class facilities to Investors and providing huge employement and economic potential to not only Telanganites but also Indians on a whole.

The government seems to be worried over the huge anti-incumbency factor and letting off this financial windfall into the hands of the TRS who seems to be a frontrunner for this esteemed office. Buoyed after the Karimnagar election victory, KCR who has set his eyes on this unparalled office to enable with this win, the launch campaign towards the general elections.

Got to wait and see.

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